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Anyone know if there is a way to bike to Princeton NJ from the city. Thanks

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Hy S.Terrier (not verified)
to Princeton

GWB to rte 9.
Rte 9 S to Rte 1
Rte 1 to Princeton
contact Adventure Cycling for their map(s).

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Mi S. Ery (not verified)
Hysterical perhaps

Rt. 9 and Rt. 1 are divided highways with tons of commercial establishments along the way. This would be a ride through hell and is highly not recommended.

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Robert Gray (not verified)
Newark to Princeton

Our first STS ride this year was Newark to Princeton.
You take the PATH from WTC to Newark and start riding there. 50 miles, not flat. Email me and I will send you the route.
Route 1 & 9 would indeed be terrible for a bike ride.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
try this
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esass (not verified)
Fort Lee to Philly

I have a Fort Lee to Philly route if interested, email for info. Modify it to continue on 27 directly to Princeton.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
From the old ride library

"New York to Princeton

10 years after this cue sheet was written, and the bike path on the Goethals Bridge is still closed. So starting from the PATH in Newark is a good idea."

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