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Short of wearing ski goggles (very fashionable), can anyone recommend eyewear that does a good job blocking out the wind from around my eyes during allergy season?

After about 20 miles of riding anytime in April/May my eyes are completely bloodshot even after taking antihistamines and using allergy eye drops.


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<a href="http://www.OhReallyOreilly.com">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
a more fashionable suggestion


Should work quite well to block histamines, C02 emmissions as well as help appease irate motorists."

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Robert Rakowitz (not verified)
A cheap work-around

Not nearly as versatile as the gas mask, but I use the really cheap Nashbar No-Frame Sunglasses - and they really do a good job at blocking all edges, and hence dirt, pollen.


You might want to look at swimming goggles if the ski and military options are too OTT.

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April (not verified)
Very, very personal

I have the same problem and my solution was to take up another hobby and ride less in spring time!

More seriously, I happened upon a pair of Okley that works very well and it ALMOST solve my problem. The thing to look for is basically to find the particular one that fits YOUR face well. Not neccessarily the one your best buddy like the most. The closer the fit, the better it block out wind. And if you're lucky, the one that best fit you may NOT cost even close to the one that fits me ($129)!

Kind of like finding the best fit bike... It takes a lot of trying. But when you find the one, it's worth all the hassle and you wish you done it earlier.

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Tom Acquisto (not verified)

Home Depot has safety glasses that not only are safer for you to wear while riding but look cool too.They wrap snuggly yet comfortably around your face and are pretty cheap.

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Heath (not verified)
ANSI z87 rating

Does anyone know if Oakley or any of the other big name sunglass makers are manufacturing glasses that have a z87 rating?

I am assuming that ths is what you are refering to when you say that the home depot safety glasses would be safer than cheap sunglasses.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Generic drugs from Canada

Speaking of allergies, here's where you can get generic Claritin for $10 for a 90 day supply OTC. Other drugs with prescription, tres bon marche.


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Jay Goldwein (not verified)

The past few years I have had problems every spring, especially in Central Park with all the flying debris (pollen) and always quickly had particles in my eyes which annoys the hell out of me. Last spring I was checking out some Adidas at Piermont and one model (can't remember the name and it doesn't say on my case or glasses) came with 2 options. The standard was an adjustable rubber nose bridge which works great as far as different widths (the arms also have 3 different positions which work well).

The second option is to remove the rubber nose bridge and attach a foam surround that completely surrounds your eyes and serves as the bridge. Since using this option in the spring only, I have not yet had anything get in my eyes. I'm not sure how well it would work for you as its not an airtight seal, but it certainly keeps particles from getting in.

In addition, the Adidas optics are exceptional. When I first got the glasses, I occasionally had to remove the glasses to check whether I had lost a lense as the field was so clear!


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dave (not verified)

cyclists used 'em in the olden days http://www.sportrx.com/

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