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I was on a sig 2 weeks ago in Alley Pond Park and I thought I heard someone say that they were looking to get rid of their bike with 650c wheels and get one with 700c wheels.

I know someone looking for a smaller bike with the smaller wheels.

Please e-mail with description and asking price.


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Pete (not verified)
650c Road Bike

It's not the one you mentioned but I have one for sale. Interested?

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
Tell me about your 650 bike...

...if it's still for sale. Is it a tri bike or a regular road bike? What is the height of the person who rode it? I'm 5' tall. Does it have a triple chainring? What is the brand?

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Ron (not verified)

No contact info?
Bike specs?
Anon E-mail?
How do I get in touch with you?

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