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I would like to go on a credit card ride over Mem. Day Weekend. Ride as much as I can per day, (appr. 130 miles per day) and stay in hotels/ motels along the road. So overall i was hoping to cover somewhere around 350-400miles.
Now I'm looking for a nice destination where it's nice to cycle to and easy to take the train (and bike) back.
Does anybody have any suggestions? North or south is both fine. I assume though that going north is easier to do?
If somebody has an idea for a roundtrip, please let me know as well. I just don't want to take the same route back.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Hy S.Terrier (not verified)
3 day ride


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Banana Guy (not verified)

DC or Baltimore

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Neile (not verified)

"This could provide some ideas for a route.

""The BON TON ROULET or “Let The Good Times Roll,” celebrates its ninth seven-day voyage throughout the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of New York State by bicycle. A non-competitive cycling adventure, The Bon Ton Roulet will challenge riders of all ages and abilities. And when you’re done, expect exciting new friendships, a wealth of visual memories, and a great sense of accomplishment!""


I'd probably take a Metro North to Brewster, etc. and start from there."

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GM Goth (not verified)


Lots of options, train service from Albany to Plattsburgh/Montreal when you're ready to go back (you used to have to reserve on the Adirondack, imagine that still holds).

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John Z (not verified)

Yes, the Adirondacks -- largest park in the lower 48.

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Etoain Shrdyouknowho (not verified)
Go Berkshires

"Join the NYCC at the Berkshire weekend. Beautiful scenery. Lakes, hills, cows, bicycling companions, country inns, rich people with big homes, you name it. Access details via elsewhere on this website or the NYCC Bulletin but...

You can bike all the way up, then bike down to Metro North at Wassaic (a mere 40 or so miles) and train home the rest of the way.

""Watch out for rain, though. It's inevitable on Memorial Day weekend, if you get on a bicycle.""
--Murfoczyck's Law

Your Pal,

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Terry Hildebrandt (not verified)
train (as in chu-chu) rides

Just a note to say to check that your bike is acceptable on whatever rail line you travel -Amtrak Does! Not! allow bikes on their trains.
Safe pedaling!

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John Z (not verified)
Not True -- Amtrak Allows Bikes on Some Trains

"For example, the Adirondack, per Amtrak's Website:

""The Adirondack travels daily from New York City, through the lush wine country of the Hudson Valley, into Montreal. Heading north, you're scheduled to depart New York's Penn Station in the morning and arrive in Montreal in the evening...

Trails & Rails
This train takes part in Trails & Rails, an innovative partnership program between Amtrak and the National Park Service. This program provides educational opportunities to Amtrak passengers for the purpose of fostering appreciation of America's natural and cultural heritage. More information is available at the Trails & Rails Partnership web site.""

Regarding other Amtrak Trains, on numerous occasions I have gotten a bike on board. One just has to be clever.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
3-day trip

Send me an e-mail. I have a cue sheet for a nice 370-mile route starting from and ending in the city (the 1999 600 km brevet).

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