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Lance just announced the Tour will be his last race.

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One More (not verified)

I guess the writing was on the wall when a NYCC (or ex-NYCC) member was able to keep up with Lance on River Road. I don't care if he was an especially strong rider.

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gmazzinari (not verified)
Lance's Announcement

Oh, meow!!!!

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don montalvo (not verified)
yeah, it'll be my last too


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Uri (not verified)

It will be OLN's last too!

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John Z (not verified)

"When OLN was a niche player, it offered in-depth programming to niche outdoors markets. 5 years ago, it was OLN's deep cycling coverage that caused me to get digital cable. Despite OLN's claim otherwise, cycling is no longer important to OLN's market share; however, Lance seems to be. Once Lance goes, I expect OLN's cycling coverage to be further reduced.

Fortunately, there may be hope for US cycling fans via Discovery. Perhaps when Lance settles home in Texas, he will see the dearth of cycling coverage in the US and be in a position to do something about it. While its doubtful cycling fans will ever see a channel devoted to the sport, I do hold hope for an ""action"" channel sans bull riding (except for Pamplona), fly fishing and dog hunting."

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Jay Goldwein (not verified)
Bull riding, fly fishing, and dog hunting


You mean you don't enjoy when they interrupt their extremely limited cycling action for their short promos for these exciting events??

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