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Can anyone give me suggestions of good stores in NYC where I can get some cycle clothes and gear? I am new to the city and haven't found a good place.


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ted (not verified)

Paragon has pretty good selection, but you will pay for it.

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bill (not verified)

Toga (West End ave and 62?), Sids (E 34th), Bicycle Renaisance (Columbus and 81st) seem to have more women's clothes than others. Those places are expensive but I've found some great men's stuff at all three. If you can get to NJ, Campmor has many bargains. R&A in Brooklyn doesn't have much of a clothing display but they have a lot of items. They've got more shoes than any shop I've been too.

Scandanavian Ski Shop just moved. They didn't have bike stuff a few weeks ago but they were just setting up in the new location and said they will soon.

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Chris T. (not verified)
Scandinavian has no cycling gear

"Went by their new location:

16 East 55th St.
New York, NY

212 757 8524

No clothing, or polar watches. No ski equipment either. They are still ""moving in""


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Lee Ann (not verified)
Cycle Clothing

"As a member of NYCC you can ""generally"" obtain a 10% discount on clothing (sometimes not sale items)and they now have the special Pearl Izumi womens shorts in stock for the Pearl Izumi Ultrasensor with a 3D chamois for $64 (which normally comes with the more expensive $120 Microsensor 3D shorts)."

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Jim Reaven (not verified)
Bicycle Clothing

Bicycle Renaisance (Columbus and 81st)isn't my favorite store but it almost always has clothes on sale upstairs.

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Neile (not verified)

Burlington Coat Factory on 6th Avenue, south of 23rd Street - Second floor, mens section.

If you know what you're looking for, they're worth a visit. You can find non-bike-specific shirts of comparable fabrics (stretch polyester/spandex blends, nylon, etc.)

No logos or cargo pockets, but you can go out dancing after the ride.

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Jay (not verified)
Piermont Bicycle Connection

If you're on a ride up here check out their selection. They may also give discounts to NYCC members and ship the merchandise to you if you can't carry it. They also have a nice store in Tenafly NJ

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Yasmine (not verified)
women's cycle clothing

If you are willing to buy on line, I really like Everything is women's specific and they have great selections. In NYC, you pay for convienience...

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Marion (not verified)
online bicycle clothing

I've been an online customer of the following for years now - and returning/exchanging things has never been a problem either - you just have to choose carefully - they offer some brand names as well as their own and sometimes their own isn't the best BUT sometimes it is - good for some bike hardware too: - your favorite bike brand websites usually offer their own clothing too.

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Judith Tripp (not verified)
Terry Bikes is also good

Not sure of the website ( but they have nice stuff and also some good sales. Not to mention the saddles!

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