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I'm looking to sell off my old bike to make some room (bought a new bike in the Fall). I'm new to NY - what's the best way of trying to sell a bike? Any recommendations?

Also any ideas on how to get an idea on the value of a second bike? It's a 56cm Cannondale R500 - about 3 years old.

Any help appreciated.

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lucy's mom (not verified)

Don't expect to get a lot for it. Things that may determine how much to ask: mileage, whether crashed (and if so, how many times), type of components, maintainance, condition of frame, type of wheelset, pedals, any extras (computer, etc.).

Do a search on craigslist to see what other people have asked for similar bikes. Make sure to include lots of information and a picture or two.

In the end, don't be greedy. Better to sell it for a few bucks less than you expect, than having the thing sitting in your apartment, gathering dust and giving you the evil eye every time you take the new bike out for a ride.

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Banana Guy (not verified)
What are the details on the bike? (nm)

You should give NYCC members right of first refusal... ;-)

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steve (not verified)
The details since you asked...

Cannondale R500, CAAD 3 frame. Bought in 2002. 58 cm frame. Shimano Tiagra shifters and derailleurs. 105 brakes. Cannondale crank. Front wheel is Coda rim & hub / rear wheel is Mavic OpenPro on 105 hub (rear wheel was replaced). Pedals are Time Impact Mag.

Not a high end bike by NY standards (seen enough Colnago's in the park), but I've ridden A19 rides on this bike without issue. I bought it when returning to road cycling from mountain biking and it served me well.

Need to sell to clean up space in our appartment (and persuade my wife then I have space to buy another bike ;-) ).

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Hy S.Terrier (not verified)
used bike

bring it to a NYCC monthly meeting. . .

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Paul (not verified)

I recommend craigslist. It has worked well for me.


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