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76 miles
6740' vertical

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Carol Wood (not verified)
New climb for the repertoire

Those of us who were not in the front of the pack this morning, and thus did not get turned away due to the race at Lake Welch, were treated to a lovely new climb up Tiorati Brook Rd. I hope to see it again. Nice addition, John.

I also didn't mind the slog up busy Route 6 West, since it got us to Mine Torne Rd.--and is probably much easier than climbing that one.

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John Z (not verified)
My Error -- I Calculated 8000 Vertical...

"Tiorati Brook has 625 vertical feet, summing to 7365 for the whole route. I forgot that when using Topo, going over bridges can skew the vertical. Therefore, I picked up 300 ""falsh"" vertical feet from the Bear Mountain Bridge and similar on 9W bridge at Ft. Montgomery.

I had 3400 kj of work for 4.5 hours of riding. For reference, one CP lap at a 16 minute pace solo is 285 kj, thus this route is the work equivalent of 12 solo 16 minute CP laps.

A good thing about work performed is that it readily converts to calories. Assuming a median 22% efficiency, kJ × 1.09 = kcal, thus 3700 kcal were burned on this ride."

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JP (not verified)
16 minute CP lap?

16 min. CP lap is what, 22.5 mph average. You're slow!!

Just kidding!

Sounds like a nice ride I missed.

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Chris Ratigan (not verified)

For those that rode in Harriman, how are the roads? I haven't been up there since the snow melted, but last year some sections of 106 and 7 Lks Drv were pretty ratty.

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Chris T. (not verified)
Road report on 106, Seven Lakes, and Arden Valley Rd.

Seven Lakes drive from the Seven Lakes Circle (interchange with PIP & Long Mt. Pkwy) to Tiorati Circle are in poor shape. Seven lakes from Bear Mountain Inn to 7 Lakes Circle unchanged.
Seven Lakes from Tiorati circle to Kanawakee circle is in decent shape.
Seven Lakes south of Kanawakee Circle -- condition unknown, probably sucks as usual.
Perkins Drive was repaved last year, and has survived the winter in excellent shape, (according to reliable report)

106 going west from Kanawkee circle to the top of the ridge is in poor shape -- is in good shape down to Route 17.
Route 17 from 106 to Arden Valley road is in good shape.
Half of Arden Valley road was repaved last year, from one ridgeline east to Tiorati Circle. Arden Valley west from this ridgeline to Route 17 is ok, but needs work, though not as bad as the bad section of 106 described above.

Reports needed for:
Tiorati Brook Road (was in decent shape last year)
Lake Welch Drive
Route 106 East from Kanawakee Circle /old Gate Hill road to 9W.
Spur from 106 to Lake Welch Drive (passes St. John's Church

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Bob Shay (not verified)

Perkins was freshly paved with blacktop and very very smooth. I rode it yesterday - sweet.

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Eric Faber (not verified)

Perkins drive is really smooth! I too rode up with 2 others on Saturday.

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