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A reminder that the ride scheduled for 4/16 in the printed bulletin was changed due to the washout two weeks ago.

Tomorrow's ride is John Z's infamous Harriman Hell. We meet at the information booth at Grand Central at 7:30 for the 7:51 train to Garrison. Return will be from Peekskill--if you survive.

John has sent me the cue sheet. Somehow the vertical distance has shot up to 7,200 feet for the 70 miles. So no beer drinking tonight, kids.

The A-19 group will continue its steady, moderate speed in a cooperative paceline. However, climbs will be at your own speed. If we differ here we may split up. If you are dropped, you should know your way around and be self-sufficient. (Bring a map and tools.) If I am dropped, it won't be the first time, and no one needs to worry about me.

Mordecai, will we be seeing you on your fixed gear?

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cs (not verified)

do you know what would be the ETA back at grand central?

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I'm Confused (not verified)
No time for trains

"This ride was listed as ""STS-A23Sweep"", not STS-A19. Can I assume that Robert Gray's ""STS-A19"" going to Tarrytown and Chappaqua is still going there, leaving the Boathouse at 8:30?"

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Not the same thing

My ride is listed as an A19, which is following the same route as the A23:

A19 70 miles 07:30 AM
STS-A23 sweep, ride #7: Harriman Hell
Leader: Carol Wood
From: Grand Central Terminal, Information Booth

Please contact Bob Gray for questions about his ride.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Return time--it depends

Last week we caught the 5:17 train at Peekskill. However, this week's ride has almost twice as much climbing. I wouldn't expect to get back into the city before 7pm or later.

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