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My business is going to bring me to New York this year. I'll be in the city for a month in June and will be setting up a US operation in the area for my UK company a bit later in the year so long as the business plan goes to plan.

Up until four years ago I was an Elite Cat road racer in the UK. DOn't so much time these days but still ride actively. I guess NY is not the best place in the world for riding. Can someone let me know a little about the scene over there. Is there a racing scene??

Will be bringing my trusted stead with me in June.

Kind regards

Leigh Fanner (Cheltenham and County Cycling Club) check out our web-site.

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Christian (not verified)


NYC is actually one of the better (proper) cities for cycling. Laps in Central Park on the weeknights, and close (5-10 miles) to real pretty riding, if you can get out early one or two nights.

If you want racing, you'll want to check out, which is an active local racing club, who organize races basically every weekend from March to October.

Do let me know if you've got room for a Thorn Raven in your luggage, would you?

- Christian

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Leigh Fanner (not verified)
Cycling in New York

Cheers guys for the info, wld like to hear any other views. Surprised that you can hit reasonable cycling terrain in a mile ride.

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george (not verified)
another Brit from Cheltenham


New York is filled with cyclists year round. There's plenty of cycling to be had in the city with beaches within easy reach. Suburban terrain is either a bridge or a ferry ride away. The pick of the terrain is a quick train ride away in upstate New York - there are even mountains to be had. Can't comment on the racing scene cos I'm a wuss when it comes to competition.

Definitely don't forget your trusty steed in the summer.


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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

George, Binghamton is upstate. Albany is upstate. Utica is upstate. Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Dutchess & Putnam are NYC suburbs.

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Geo Graphy (not verified)
Isaac, you're off the subject, but...

"Ulster and Greene Counties are certainly ""upstate"". ""A"" rides regularly go up there via the MetroNorth Poughkeepsie station."

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Chris T. (not verified)
Upstate is a state of mind

"Issac has set a reasonable perimeter to define the suburb/upstate areas.

Of course in Colonial times, what eventually became Washington Heights was ""upstate"".

I understand how people who spend a lot of time on Manhattan or south call the suburbs ""upstate"". Still, anyone who describes Mount Kisco or Bear Mountain as upstate makes me chuckle.

Growing up in Peekskill, even Dutchess county wasn't considered upstate. Now, I wouldn't include the Catskills in describing upstate, so my perimeter is even further out than Issac's"

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Banana Guy (not verified)
"""Upstate"" is anything north of 95th street on the East Side"
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Geo Graphy (not verified)
chris, you seem to be historically challenged

"You said ""Of course in Colonial times, what eventually became Washington Heights was 'upstate'"".

In colonial times, there were no states so Washington Heights was certainly not referred to as ""upstate""."

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Suomynona (not verified)
racing in nyc

"welcome, when you get here. on the contrary, nyc has a deep and active riding/racing scene.

for the racing scene, try / crca is a club that has members only races in central park - about 20 a year. (cp has a 6 mile loop, great rolling circuit for racing). you can join crca as a member on your own or as a crca sub-team - crca/ has a very good squad actually. nyvelocity is a general website on the racing scene run by a local cycling photog.

you want hills? head up to the george washington bridge (4 miles from CP), go over it into new jersey, take a left and go to river road, or take a right to go to piermont/nyack (where river road also leads, less directly).

you can get 2 races a weekend all spring here ... head out of the city an hour or two and there are some damn good road races ... you're gonna lack nothing for cycling here
ny bike messenger association"

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Uri (not verified)

That's steed.....

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steve (not verified)
First impressions from a Brit

Others can give you a far more comprehensive answer, but suffice to say I moved here from the UK last Autumn and I'm shocked by how much cycling there is in and around the city. Two things are cool - one is that it's actually pretty easy to cycle out of town and into reasonable terrain (certainly compared with London), second being a densely populated area there is no shortage of organised clubs, people who want to ride, etc.

NYCC is a good organisation as there is such a diverse range of abilities catered to with different rides. Sure there are many other cracking organisations, just haven't bothered looking. Certainly leveraged them to get a great introduction to the area.

Oh, and having grown up in South Wales, the most noticeable thing is that it doesn't rain nearly so much!

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Cat (not verified)

Welcome to New York! It's not as bad as some would have you think. I hope you've discovered River Road and some of the more immediate pleasures of local cycling.

Regarding YOUR local cycling: I rode Lon Las Cymru by myself last August and had an amazing time (timed it with the Brecon Jazz Festival) and besides the better weather Stateside i can assure you that we have less of a problem with wheels slipping in sheep scat.

Hope to see you on the road.
cheers . . .

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steve (not verified)
Shocked is good

maybe should have been clearer -> pleasantly surprised would have been a better way to put it. pleasantly surprised in a shocking kind of way.

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Leigh Fanner (not verified)
OK steed!!

I waiting for some-one to pick me up on that...

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rjb (not verified)

hearty welcome to the NYCC, where the quick-witted are always ready to point out grammar/spelling mistakes.

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oi (not verified)

and wez alzweyz count n septics 4 spellzing currection. zpecialling 4 t extra zzzzzzzz's.


P.S. America is forgiven 'cos bikes are cheap here, the weather is better, and the riding near the city is great given the size of the place (plaice?). That said the taxes suck -> even worse than the UK (taxation without representation I say) !!!!!!

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bill strachan (not verified)
ny cycling - there's more than just racing

g'day Leigh:

What hasn't been mentioned by my esteemed mates is that there is an active Randonneuring community here as well along the lines of AudaxUK. If you are keen for things like 200K, 300K, 400K, 600K rides, LEL or Land's End to John O'Groats then we can accommodate you. We can offer a full set of sanctioned brevets, populaires, and fleches that will qualify you for our equivalent of Paris-Brest-Paris called Boston-Montreal-Boston in August.

Our Regional Brevet Administrator is Diane Goody (NY/NJ Randonneurs - see their web site) and Karl Dittebrandt leads Audax rides (he is also an enthusiast of fixed gear riding - which I know you have any number of in the UK).

So if you want to do longer rides that can be as challenging and even more so than racing, we can certainly provide you with those kinds as well.

We are also a very social club- ride to eat, eat to ride and fantastic weekend cycling get-aways.

Welcome to Le Grosse Pomme.

Ride Easy and Ride Safe.

Biking Bill Strachan

cycling trips