NYCC members finish 200K Princeton Brevet

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61 cyclists completed 125 miles (200K) of 8500 ft of climbing at the Princeton 200K Brevet on April 10th. Kudos to Gary Katz and Mordechai Silver for their completions. Mordechai, brave soul, as he chose to ride his fixed gear along with veteran, Goon Koch.

For more 200K details go to:
Check out Ben Tufford's ride report with photos (you'll think you're on the route)

Upcoming events:
April 23rd - Training ride out of Califon, NJ (90m) or Whitehouse Station (127m) - NO CHARGE - led by Judson Hand - B and A riders welcome
April 30th - PA 115K
May 7th - Farmland Flat Tour (Central Jersey Bicycle Club)
May 14th - PA 200K
May 21st - Whitehouse Station 200K and Princeton 300K

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Tony Rentschler (not verified)
Mr. Edstrom?

Hmmm, looks like Christian's name was accidentally left off the list. I'm almost positive he was going to ride the brevet. Hmmm...

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Yeah yeah yeah. You and Ivy tired me out _so_ on Saturday, so I did a leisurely spin to Cresskill instead. Total distance: 30 miles.

BTW, stop posting here and start answering my emails. :-)

- Christian

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