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Once again, Sunday looks to be the best day of the week! In order to ensure those that want to can actually complete a full century, we're going to take the pace down a notch, conserve a little energy for when we need it, and ride more like a B16.

Lunch Break in Mt Kisco (50 mile bail option), with another good stop at the natural market in Tarrytown (75 mile bail) for those riding all the way.

And if Tarrytown will be your endpoint, trains run about every half hour, and take about 45 minutes to GCT. Don't forget your bike pass.

See you Sunday!

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Tony Mantione (not verified)
starting point

Hello Marci,

Where and when will the ride start ???

Txs .......Tony

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Marci (not verified)
Boathouse, 9AM

Planning on a prompt departure. Hope to see you Sunday, Tony!

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Neile (not verified)
The ride is ON. Will depart prom-pt-lee (nm)

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Neile (not verified)

"Study Cautions Runners to Limit Their Water Intake

(printer-friendly link)

This has been linked elsewhere on the boards but it's worth re-mentioning. The article cuations that it's the atheletes who take a while to complete the event are at greater risk -- since they have more time to consume liquids.

Relevant to this issue, we plan to take rest-stop breaks every 20 miles.


I'm already in the habit of adding ""No-Salt"" (potassium-chloride) to my drinking water to ward off cramps.

Would like to see if adding ordinary table salt (sodium-chloride) is useful vis a vis hyponatremia."

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Marci (not verified)
Please take this with a grain of salt...

... literally and figuratively. This is not new news, just old news re-appropriated. It does happen, of course, but as Tony mentioned in the other thread:

At a recent first aid clinic by our own Dr. Ed Fishkin, he noted - with some emphasis - that it's nearly impossible to over-hydrate. He also said that the body naturally does a good job of preserving and balancing electrolyte levels and loss, so carry water, not just sport drink. Finally, it's probably worse to drink too little than to drink an extra glass or two of water. So, when in doubt, reach for the water bottle!

Yes, it's all very confusing. But please don't use this article as an excuse to end up DEHYDRATED!!

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Heath (not verified)
Read the other posts

Read the rest of the thread regarding dehydration. Yes, the body does do a good job of balancing the systems. Which is why if it gets out of whack, it can become critical.

It is nearly impossible to over hydrate. What happens is that you drink so much liquid that your body can no longer maintain its sodium levels. When that happens you cannot maintain any liquid in the body. And you get dehydrated from overhydrating.

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drink it all (not verified)
Potassium chloride

"from the LA Times, 4/15/05:
""Death by lethal injection, adopted in 37 states as a painless method of execution, may actually inflict unnecessary suffering on the condemned because of a routine failure to use enough anesthesia, according to a study of death row autopsies...

""The three-part regimen of sodium thiopental for anesthesia, pancuronium bromide to induce paralysis and POTASSIUM CHLORIDE TO STOP THE HEART was developed in 1977 by an Oklahoma state legislator who opposed the death penalty and wanted to impose it as painlessly as possible.""

Just don't take too much potassium chloride, Neile!

And for the full article that has the world shaking its head as Americans remain blissfully unaware:"

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Neile (not verified)

"""The three-part regimen of sodium thiopental for anesthesia, pancuronium bromide to induce paralysis and POTASSIUM CHLORIDE TO STOP THE HEART""

Well, I have been trying to lower my base heart rate ...

[Thanks for the concern.]"

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Fred (not verified)
stopping every 20 miles?


I'm hoping to join you on this ride.

Since this will be my first long ride of the season, rest breaks are OK with me - but every 20 miles? We'll be on the road till the end of time.

Should be a great day. Thanks for leading.

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Marci (not verified)
Rest breaks

Hi Fred --

Like on most B-rides, there will be bathroom options about every 20 or so miles. If we need to make use of them, the opportunity is there. There will be a lunch stop at mile 50, and another break in Tarrytown. Yes, it's a long ride, but the end of time... I hope not. I expect to be home with at least some daylight left!

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Banana Guy (not verified)
Thanks Marci, Neile

A wonderful ride on a beautiful day!
Sorry I had to punk out in Scarsdale, but I will go the distance on subsequent rides.
Interesting route through the Bronw, is it on a cue sheet?

Thanks again.

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