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How many will be doing the ride? We are meeting 2:00 at Brooklyn Boro Hall.

In addition, how many will be at Water Street Bar (66 Water Street, DUMBO) fot the 5:00 broadcast of Paris-Roubaix coverage on OLN?

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Water St. Bar

"I called the Water St. Bar, they'll be showing the race from 5-7pm. Norman said we could bring our bikes inside ""as long as they're not all mucky and dirty."" (He was joking. So yes we can bring them inside.)

The bar has a jazz band playing until 4-4:30, but they should be cleared out of there by the time we arrive.

I'll be at Boro Hall at 2pm with 20 cue sheets. Let's try to get off to a quick start.

Bar phone number is 718.625.9352.


Gorgeous day, fun route, 11 riders. Nothing like those cobblestones to put you in the mood for the race. I felt like I was a 14-year-old boy again."

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John Z (not verified)

For a last minute effort, this really turned out to be a fun ride. By the time we all got going, I think we had a group of about 15 or so. Thanks to Carol for the cue sheets and JP for impromptu ride leadership, as I don't know Brooklyn very well and apparently can't even find my way out of Prospect Park. Special thanks to George Hincapie, the local boy who made the race extra special worth watching with a Number 2 finish, the highest ever by an American in the Paris-Roubaix race. Also thanks to Water Street Bar, for providing a big screen, a safe place for our bikes and a great selection of beer...

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scott (not verified)
re Whoa!

Agreed, fun ride. Worth a new headset.


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JP (not verified)

Fun ride, and fast too. JZ and Carol put it together; I just navigated a bit. Thanks for using the slower mtb JZ. 1st Ave in Bklyn has the largest, widest gapped pave I've ever ridden. I think I may need dental work :-)

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