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I have only been on one previous club weekend, the Phoenicia/Catskills weekend last year, which I enjoyed very much.

I'd like to come on the Berkshires weekend this year but I'm not sure if I will get a hotel room or stay with family nearby.

Is the Berkshires weekend similar in that there is no charge for the weekend except for the Sunday night meal and our hotel, which we arrange and pay ourselves?
Is it the case that the weekend does not sell out, other than the Sunday meal?
Or is there a fee for the weekend separate from the lodging and the Sunday meal?

Also, the web site mentions that some rides start in Gt. Barrington and some start at the school at routes 7 and 41. Do people generally ride from Gt. Barrington to 7 and 41 or do they drive? Is there some general rule about which rides start in town and which at 7/41? For example, do C rides start in town and A/B rides start at 7/41?

Thanks very much, Chaim

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Fred Steinberg (not verified)
Berkshires Answers

In short:yes,yes,no,maybe,yes,no

The Berkshires weekend is like Phonecia, you find a place
to stay and pay for the dinner separately.

The dinner may sell out but anyone can join in the rides.
We'll Email the ride schedule/cue sheets to anyone who sends us their email address. They can join the rides or do them themselves. If you register via you can give us your email address then.

As the weekend has grown in popularity and accommodations have gotten scarce in the immediate Sheffield area the C-riders started reserving a large block of rooms at the Day's in in Great Barrington. Other riders also stay there. For this reason the C-rides now originate in GB, while most A/B rides originate in Sheffield.

Normally the C rides start at the Day's Inn, just north of the Rt7/41 intersection at the south end of Great Barrington and the A/B rides start at the Berkshire HS, Berkshire Schoolhouse Rd, 1 mi west of Rt7 in Sheffield.

The ride coordinator (me) tries to schedule the rides so there are routes passing N/S so riders at one location can join rides without riding/driving to the start point.
I can't guarantee this will happen this year.

Some drive, some ride to the meeting place. 30-45 cyclists ride from Metro North stations and have no option but to ride.

We have a new dinner location at the Egremont Country Club, on Rt41 just west of Rt7 in Great Barrington.
$30 and a DJ. What a deal!

Its a great weekend. It's a beautiful area with plenty to do for non-cycling spouses/partners.

It's my favorite weekend... until the July 4th weekend... until the Columbus Day weekend.

Join us.

Fred Steinberg

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Chaim Caron (not verified)

Hi Fred,
Thanks for the info, that's exactly what I wanted to know. I'll see you there!
Best regards, Chaim

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