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Anyone interested in taking advantage of a great day on Sunday? A19 ride to Nyack or maybe that Pearl River ride that was rained out last?

9:30 am at Grant's Tomb Sagura Park

You don't have to be an A19 siggie to join in.


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Edit (not verified)
sunday pearl river ride


Indeed tomorrow will be a beautiful day. Some training for the Pyrennes? I would come along, but where is Sagura Park? (and Grant's tomb)
Any staring point in the city or near the bridge?

By the way, mr/ms anonymous who posted that ignorant remark, you'd be welcome too... what we mean is that you don't have to take a sig class to ride with the group. Next time I suggest you read more carefully on the rides posting list.


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Rich Ramon (not verified)
A19 Sunday ride

Edit - Grant's Tomb is at 122nd Street and Riverside. Sagura Park is just across the street. Not sure you else will show up but we'll be at the NJ side of the GW bridge by 10:00 am - my cell phone number is on today's Syocett cue sheet.


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