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One of the weirdest things happened - 2nd time in 8 yrs...I came across one of those native New Yorker adults who never learned how to ride a bike. Being from a city where every kid learns how to ride a bike, I almost laughed in her face, just like the first time I heard of such a strange thing.

But as a good NYCC ambassador, I maintained composure and told her that I had heard about a guy who teaches adults how to bike ride. I had heard that he is very good and that he teaches 1:1 or small groups in Central Park. Or so I thought.

I told her to check the NYCC website - surely there would be a mention. But I just finished surfing around the NYCC site and google, and couldn't find any details on that famous bike sifu.

Does anyone know this guy's name and how to contact him? I'd like to share the info the next time I come across that person I met.


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Jay Goldwein (not verified)
Terry Chin

Sorry, don't have a number for him, but I recall seeing flyers in the past at local bike shops.

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me (not verified)

Terry Chin 718-680-5227 was posted about a year ago

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