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Will a brand-new, properly fitted bicycle help me climb better? Can high-end equipment make up for two weeks of sloth? Is suffering more tolerable to bear or behold on a beautiful bicycle?

Come find out the answers to these and other existential questions. Remember we're looking forward to 4,440 feet of climbing.

Please bring pocket food, two water bottles, Metro North pass, essentials. See you at the Boathouse at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday.


The answers are yes, no, and yes.

Great ride, Ron and Peter! (who we didn't see most of the day). The consensus in our group was that just getting to Little Tor was the hardest part.

Next week's route will have 50% more climbing, so be good this week.

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bill (not verified)

I'd love to do this kind of ride but can't this weekend. Any chance you could post some loose details of the route? Thanks!

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Carol Wood (not verified)
See the A23 ride description... the bulletin or online ride listings. (This ride was originally scheduled for 3/26).

Also check your inbox--I mailed you a cue sheet.

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