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A17/18 Audax - Saturday 4/9-Starting Time and Place

Time and Place- We will meet at 100th Street and Central Park West at 9:15am. We will ride up to the Jersey side of the bridge and we will meet the balance of the group for a 10am start.

This week we will ride for 2 hour, rest for 20 minutes and continue back home for another 2 hours

The usual cancels. if you have questions, please call me at 917-587-4115


Harvey Minsky

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Pamela (not verified)

Can anybody join in or is this a set group?

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Harvey Minsky (not verified)
Join Us

Yes, you are welcome to join us. We hope that you have double paceline experience. The pace will average 14 miles per hour. That is the total average for the ride. We will ride at 17 to 18 miles an hour on the flats. We ride as group. The pace line is non-rotating. No one ever passes the leader. If you feel comfortable with this, please join us.


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