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From the 42nd or 50th St. E-train stop in Manhattan, about how long does it take to get to Union Turnpike? Say 45-50 minutes?


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Tonya (not verified)

Hi Tony,

Yes. Allow yourself at least 45 minutes to get Union Turnpike, especially since the weekend trains do not run as fast as on a weekday.

See you Saturday!

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)
Train Diversions into Queens

"FYI - the following diversions are in effect on lines connecting with the Queensbound E.

The F line will not stop at 57th & 6th or 63rd & Lex tomorrow (it will stop at 5th & 53rd and Lex & 53rd instead.)

The 7 line does not stop at 74th-Roosevelt, so it will not connect with the E/F

The R line runs express to 74th-Roosevelt, which should shave a few minutes off its normal time.

Most neighborhood locals have no clue where ""Civic Virtue"" is. It's to the left of Queens Borough Hall (when you face it,) on the NE corner of Queens Blvd and Union Tpk.

See you there!"

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Neile Weissman (not verified)
You'd do just as well to cycle out.

Over Queensborough Bridge -- get over to Queens Blvd., then straight out. Not pretty, but direct and not too much traffic in the AM.

If in lower Manhattan, the WilliamsBump ... err ... Williamsburg Bridge -- get over to Borinquen which becomes Grand. Bear left on Metropolitan which will intersect with Queens Blvd. at the Statue. Nice panorama of industrial and working class Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Each route should be 9-10 miles from the Manhattan side. Check maps and allow some extra time if you've never done it.

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