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"Google now has satellite images -- FREE! Just type in an address, select ""google map"" and then select satellite. You can zoom in or out, pan N, S, E, W, and even drag on the photo to re-center. It's like having your own cropduster tour of the US. I tried it on my parent's and Aunt and Uncle's place on LI. Was a few houses off. A handy tool for scouting out rides. Spent the last hour hooked on a flyover of NYC and Nassau. Haven't felt this giddy since I first browsed the internet.

Sorry, doesn't replace actually riding though."

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Heath (not verified)

Very similiar to TerraFly, but much easier.

Thanks for the info.

What will google think of next? Bicycle maps?

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

Doesn't work for me and I tried it with 2 different browsers. I get the map, but not the satellite image.

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Heath (not verified)

It worked for me on a MAc using safari, and on a PC using Firefox or Internet Explorer. What browser are you using?

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

It didn't work this morning using Opera or Maxthon. This afternoon it worked. Go figure.

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Basil A (not verified)

No doubt you already did but, if not, look in top right-hand corner of screen for ""satellite"" when looking at map.

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maps (not verified)
Try another area?

I don't think they have all area on the satellite. If you are zooming in on a quadrant they don't have, it doesn't work. But you should be able to do it from the main page and see most of the US.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Blocked out areas

"""I don't think they have all area on the satellite.""

It almost looks like they ""blocked out"" certain areas. In places where there's a pond or lake, you can sort of make out the shape of it through the green stuff. If you switch between ""map"" and ""satellite"" it's pretty obvious.

Nice tool, though. On rainy days you can do a ""virtual century"" without leaving your computer chair!


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John Z (not verified)
The Coolest...
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Anthony Poole (not verified)
This is pretty cool

Some of the satellite images are old. If you look at Kennedy Airport, you will find a lowly Air France Concorde on the ground. It is parked in the place where one got stranded in New York after they were grounded in July 2000, following the crash in Paris, which means the picture of New York was taken sometime between July 2000 and November 2000 when that Air France Concorde was allowed to fly back to France.

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