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A nasty diagonal cut in the pavement, a few inches past the last expansion joint right before the light at 135th St as you're headed north on RSD. Approx 4-6 in wide and deep enough that if you happen to be turning your wheel in the direction of the cut it could grab the wheel and launch you over the bars. Worse on the northbound side, worst of all closest to the curb.

Called it in to 311 and stressed that it has excellent lawsuit potential; the operator did NOT fill me with confidence that he had any clue what I was saying. Sigh. I tried.

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Chris T. (not verified)
Slow down and Turn right towards the curb

I saw this on my ride with Ellen and Maggie on Tuesday, and it is nasty. It's like crossing a diagonally cutting railroad track.-- easy to get caught in if you don't perpendicular to the cut. I was thinking this would bend the rim, but Evan has pointed out that would be the least of your worries

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Repaired, finally.

It took 3 weeks but at least it was done, and not a bad job either. Now let's hope they fix Central Park soon.

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