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where might I enjoy a pint and watch coverage of the tour of flanders and other such proTour events? in manhattan? in hoboken?

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osh richardson (not verified)

if you have broadband, try these guys, they're based in Holland and have some classic and some current cycling content. I work for a technology firm that supports this online channel.

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Rick (not verified)
in hoboken

i go to Texas,Arizona and watch...they have satelite and I usually get one f the sets tuned to it....I'll be there at 5pm today

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help (not verified)

Did you go? How was the coverage? Would this be a good palce to watch Paris - Roubaix?

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mac (not verified)
hoboken pubs and OLN

Texas/Arizona does not have satellite. I went to McSwiggins on 1st and Bloomfield. They have satellite and OLN. I watched the TOF with the sound down. Bartender was friendly. If enough people came to watch it they might turn it up.

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Ed (not verified)
Flanders (Ned or Tour)

Try OLN, Cyclism Sundays, 5 PM

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don montalvo (not verified)
channel 122...

...hope to see oln offer hdtv.


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Gary Katz (not verified)
OLN means....

"Only Lance Network.

Seriously, I have liked the coverage so far this year. However, I think that the Giro and Vuelta deserve at least as much coverage as Paris-Nice received. Over the last several years, I have really enjoyed watching the ""other"" grand tours in their entirety. I would grudgingly except weekend coverage, but the amount of time currently allocated for them is much less than is appropriate."

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Gary Katz (not verified)
spelling correction

That's grudgingly ACCEPT, not except!


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