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Alpe d'Bronx (rainy day version)

B15-16 40 miles

Start: 10:00 AM from the Central Park Boathouse
Finish: East/West 23rd Street

A compact and challenging hill climb regimen that takes advantage of Washington Heights and North Bronx topography. We stay within minutes of subway and (if if looks good) Metro North bail points. Optional pizza lunch in Bronx's Little Italy towards the end.

Fenders if you have them plus finger food, liquids, lunch $$ and Metro North pass.

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Neile Weissman (not verified)
So Peter Storey RSVP-ed for today's ride ...

... and showed up at the Boathouse. But since it was just the two of us ... and the rain chose that moment to come down a bit harder ... we elected not to go to the Bronx but to pedal over the Manhattan Bridge for coffee and muffins. (Thank you, Peter.)

Topics we discussed included:

* Proposing a rain SIG with graduates getting a special NYCC logo-ed set of fenders.
* How all of today's NYCC rides (plus SIGs from Saturday) were cancelled.
* How none of today's 5BBC rides were cancelled.
* The average cost of bicycles for NYCC vs. 5BBC members.
* How many NYCC wives would threaten their husbands with divorce if they washed their bikes in the bathtub.
* How many NYCC husbands would threaten their wives with divorce if they washed their bikes in the bathtub.
* How many NYCC vs. 5BBC members have ever been married.
* How going to a gym is, and isn't, like going on a bike ride.
* How well Zero Gravity brakes would modulate in the rain.
* How we both wanted to take off from work on Wednesday.


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Sienna (not verified)

I took a shower with my bike today... I think my husband was just jealous.

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