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As of about noon on Saturday, things aren't looking too good for this ride tomorrow. Should a surprise clearing appear to be taking shape, I will put up a posting either later this evening, or possibly even tomorrow morning for a late start. But the odds don't appear to be with us presently.

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Ron Roth (not verified)
I think it's time to capitulate....

Sure, it might just be clear tomorrow morning. But I've got to go with the odds. There is a large, spiraling front which appears to be only ever so slowing making its way to the northwest. Weather.com, Accuweather.com, Noaa.gov & 2 network news persons have proclaimed at least the a.m. will be wet and rather chilly. Time to call it off. However, after much internal feuding, the leaders of the STS have decided to do this ride next weekend and postpone the Harriman Hell ride until the following week. Therefore, Expect to meet in the park at 8:30am next Saturday for the MidSession Climbfest. DO NOT GO TO GCT AND GET ON A TRAIN TO GARRISON NEXT SATURDAY UNLESS YOU FEEL LIKE RIDING ALONE!!

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chris o (not verified)

I think you made 2 good decisions here (calling it off and doing it next week).


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