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Seeing as I do the bulk of my miles on the weekends and this weekend's forecast calls for rain both days, I'm at a loss.

General Q: Do you ride in the rain on weekends or just hit the gym or rollers?

(I don't mind it when it starts raining while I'm on a ride but find it hard to head out when it has already started - any motivation ideas?)

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Sickly (not verified)
Feeling sick

I am starting to get sick. I might have to call out sick on Tuesday or Wednesday.

My eyes hurt, I can't see coming into work today.

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John Z (not verified)

One can always substitute intensity for duration. If this weekend is indeed a washout, Monday-Wednesday look to be fine. Pick a morning or evening, go to Central Park and ride for 3 laps, by yourself, for as hard as you go for the entire distance. A nice hard spin class works well, just keep in mind that too much time off your road bike raises specificity issues.

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Neile Weissman (not verified)

If the scheduled Sunday rides are washed out but the rain is intermittent, I have alerted the powers that be that I will attempt a B15/16 40+ mile Alpe d'Bronx -- staying close to train stations.

Think fenders and follow the message board.

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movie fan (not verified)
my motivation

for me. . . the cinema does it every time. Dying to ride (just got my first pair of shoes and clipless pedals!) and pissed off about the weather, I did what any red blooded die hard (hint) B siggy would do. . . I went to the movies! Took in the early show of Hostage. Fifteen minutes after big bad Bruce (my hero, idol and role model) finished kickin' some butt, mine was getting soaked and knocked around (the wind!) for 25 miles as I road from Queens out to L.I. (took the train back). Talk about a two hour adrenaline rush. What a ride! I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Or should I just say ... look for me at the early show of Sin City on Sunday!

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RJ (not verified)
An idea for when it rains...GO PADDLING!!!!


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Crazy idea (not verified)
You probably wont melt

I say put on a rain cape and go out. I'm going to.

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washer (not verified)
Yeah, but..

Your beautiful bike gets all dirty, and the wife throws a fit when you shower with it and the tub gets all black. And then you have to sleep on the couch, and it is just easier to ride on the trainer...

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
How about going for a run?

Running in the rain is a lot more user friendly than cycling in it. If you are not a regular runner don't do more than 2 miles. Go easy and find a comfortable steady pace. You will get a caridovascular workout and burn 100 calories per mile. Be forewarned; most likely you will experience a delayed onset muscle soreness for your effort. And, if your socks get soaked, you can end up with blisters.

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fendergal (not verified)
Billy, don't be a hero

Riding in the rain is okay when it's over 70, but riding in the rain when it's 40 is full-on miserable. A fender will keep your butt dry, but you will probably lose feeling in your hands and feet. And hypothermia is nothing to play around with.

Go running, ride the rollers, take a different class at the gym than just the usual spinning. One weekend off your usual schedule is not going to make a huge difference.

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cs (not verified)

ok so i wound up going for laps in CP when it stopped raining on sat only to be absolutely pummeled by rain almost immediately and almost blown off my bike after numerous gusts. still glad i went out though.

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