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"Has anyone gotten all the way to the end of Bicycling magazine this month? The back page always has something light, a column, a funny picture, etc.

This month it has a short piece by a guy who was lucky enough to have a random, personal ride with Lance Armstrong. I thought it was just another back page column until I read, ""I was on River Road..."" Then I realized that this is the same guy that we were all ranting and raving about a few months ago. His story made it to the big time...

- Mike"

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mp (not verified)

The writer, Konstantin, also finished second in the CRCA C race on Saturday in a successful two-man break. He's having quite a week!

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Good story, well written, short but sweet

So why all the fuss and secrecy about not naming him when the story broke? Seemed awfully childish at the time. Seems even more so now.

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