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I've been suffering from ITB syndrome for more than a year. I have stop excercising, desinflamatories, cortisome shoots and strectching but the pain is always there... Some times better than others. Nowadays, The ITB gets tigther while ridding than when running. Any suggestion on what I should try?

I was fitted on my bike like 2 years ago....


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Lucy's mom (not verified)

I would also recommend massage, a foam roller, and hot and cold treatments.

If it hurts more when riding, your pedal stroke may be stressing one part of the stroke too much. One-legged pedalling drills can help balance your pedal stroke. Do them on the trainer, not outside.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
When all else fails, lower your standards...

Sounds like you are ready for the disabled list. Stop all activities which exacerbate the problem, as in cycling and running. And hope your chronic problem resolves. The more you dabble in chronic inflamation, the greater the chance of irreversible architectural changes.

No doubt you have used a foam roller to stretch your IT bands.

Only my 2 cents, I am not a sports med doc or therapist.

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DBB (not verified)

I *started* cycling and gave up running in 1983 because of ITBS. I tried stretching, exercises, RICE, different shoes, surfaces but never got my ITBS to the point where I could run more than 2 miles. Riding 75 miles was/is no problem.

Recently my PT cousin pointed out:
a) cycling makes ITBS worse because it strengthens the outer quad at the expense of the inner (whatever)
b) the paty strap works for some folks

See This silly little foam strap (and vitamin I) do the trick for me. I can now run regularly for the first time in 15 years.

FWIW I have never heard of anyone getting ITBS from cycling. Check out to confirm your symptoms. Mine matched exactly.

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Neile Weissman (not verified)
I don't know if I had ITB ...

"But I developed knee pain from running. It got to where I was using a cane. I live in a five flight walkup which was also no fun.

The problem as I understood it was that knee injuries don't heal because knees do not get good blood flow. And in order to get good blood flow, one had to exercise. But if you exercised, you aggravated the injury. So, I stumbled (heh-heh) upon a solution.

I never enjoyed swimming but the pool at my gym was an even four feet across so I decided to try walking laps -- which I found I could do at a ""B"" pace for about half an hour without pain. So I was giving the knees a hard workout -- but with minimal impact.

After three months, the knees were fine and have been fine since.


Note: A swimmer complained that I should be moved to the slow lane (which would have done little good), but a physical therapist said what I was doing was ""shallow water walking"" (as oppposed to ""deep water walking"" which is another type of therapy) and so long as I could keep up the pace for that particular lane, I should be permited to continue.


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andy (not verified)

I've had this before and it went away. You need to get some physio prescribed and get educated.

My problem was that I did not strengthen and stretch the relevant muscle groups around the knee joint. You need to achieve a balance. The therapy taught me that. After 10 weeks I was back. Now I always strengthen and stretch after exercise.

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