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Anyone have experience with folding bikes; specifically Bike Friday - New World Tourist model. I'm looking at this model as a commuter bike (6 miles each way). Any comments would be appreciated.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
New World Tourist

The New World Tourist is great to travel with, but it isn't easy to fold and unfold, and isn't very compact when folded. The best folding bike for a daily commute, in my opinion, is the Brompton, which does fold very easily, and rides pretty well, too. Or, for a budget option, Dahon.

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Michael Steiner (not verified)

I can only second the recommendation for a Brompton as the best commuter folder: I use one on a daily basis on my rather complicated (bike, subway and train ride) commute and I am extremely happy with it. It (un)folds in 10-15 seconds, is very compact when folded and one of the few which keeps the chain inside when folded (your pants and your co-riders in the subway will appreciate it). It rides quite nicely; though not my favorite century bike, I did easily ride 20-30 miles with it. While not the cheapest option, it has a sturdy design built to last and does not need too much maintenance (e.g., hub gear) ...

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David Regen (not verified)
What's it like to take on a plane?

Has anyone taken a Brompton (or other folding bike) on a plane? What was the experience? To me, the deal with a break-apart bike like something with S&S couplers in a case is that you can avoid those nasty bike fees (assuming you keep your mouth shut).

btw, I just spent a week in London and Bromptons were...everywhere. Lots of people commute with them every day.

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Michael Steiner (not verified)
Brompton on Plane ...

"I did take my brompton on a few plane rides. They are slightly too large to fit the carry-on requirement, so I have not tried to take it inside the cabin. However, it survived the check-in quite well. And no, I did not pay any bike fees.

BTW: See following link for info on brompton and air travel (as well as lots of other info as well): Brompton FAQ

Regarding London: It seems they understand something about transportation in a big city: I am looking forward for the day when NYC adapts London's congestion charging (not sure whether I'd like to trade the subway for the tube, though ... :-)"

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Keith (not verified)

Check out Airnimal.

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Sid (not verified)
Airnimal Pricing

Has anyone seen US pricing on these? I looked at the Chameleon when I was in London in December...but with the USD/GBP where it is(was) it was painfully expensive...

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

From about USD 2150 to 2400 in the standard configurations.

Not exactly commuter spec!

I think for a commuter, you're best off with

1) Cheap fixed gear 1980s Japanese 10 speed conversion
2) Brompton (if you must bring the bike inside)
3) Swift Folder with a Dahon bag
4) Dahon with a Dahon bag
5) Raleigh 20
6) Bike Friday NWT
7) Airnimal/Birdy/PBW/Moulton expensive folder/separable

in that order.

- Christian

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Keith (not verified)

"Nice thing about the Airnimal is that it takes 24"" wheels, the old BMX standard. The bike rides like a regular bike, not like squirelly 20"" wheels. Bike folds up quite compactly that I can take it into my work building's elevator, no standard sized bikes allowed. I sore it during the day in my office's supply room.

Take a look at the Joey."

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K (not verified)
Do a google search

and you will come up with a couple of US dealers. Airnimal will also sell direct.

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Bob Mirell (not verified)
Flding bikes

Look at the Dahon Helios. It's only 16 or so pounds and folds/unfolds in 15 seconds. And it looks great too. Rolf wheels, 9 gears (12-32 on a 53 cog chain ring), carbon handlebar, black with gold trim (to match the gold on the tires). Only downside is the cost. About $900. I've used mine for a year commuting 8 miles a day and couldn't be more pleased.

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