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"I hit a pothole today and developed a small ding on my rear rim. It causes a mild thumping when riding and causes the brakes to jerk.

Can these be repaired or does the rim need to be replaced?

Is this a DIY job or does it require a ""pro?""

Does anyone here have the skills/tools to fix this?

Etoain, any of your relatives?



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Evan Marks (not verified)

Pad the bent section with cloth, then clamp a pair of vise-grip pliers onto it. Bend judiciously. No guarantees.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Damaged rim

"""Can these be repaired or does the rim need to be replaced?""

You might be able to make it a little better, but it will never be like new. Jobst Brandt covers rim repair in ""The Bicycle Wheel.""

What is the make/model of the rim? The best solution is to replace the rim with another that has the same effective rim diameter (ERD) and ""handedness"" (offset of the spoke hole next to the valve hole). Place the new rim against the old and transfer spokes one by one to the new rim.


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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

Where do I get a copy of Brandt's on Easter Sunday? The ding is so small, you need to feel for it. I suspect that I probably can't make it much better. It's an entry-level Mavic 195 with 7 speed Shimano hub (so it's not worth a lot of work,) 126 mm spacing (so finding a replacement wheel is tricky, too.)


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Christian's Wife's Husband (not verified)

"Looks like the ERD is 605mm; that would mean that an Open Pro (good), Reflex (crummy), A319, A119, or T224 should be a good match.

You can borrow my ""The Book"" I'm at 89th/WEA.

- Christian"

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Christian's Wife's Husband (not verified)


Sorry to hear about your rim. The advice Evan gives is the best bet for trying to fix it, but it will likely never be like new.

To replace the rim, you'll need a rim of the same make and model, or the same effective rim diameter (ERD) and handedness. Then you can just swap in the new rim. If you need advice on matching rims, just send me an email, or post what kind of rim you have here.

I have the skills and tools to swap out a rim for you. (skills - minimal, tools - truing stand). I'm happy to show you how to do it any night this week. It'll take 60-90 minutes to swap the spokes over and true up the wheel.

Just drop me a line at christian at christianedstrom punto com, if you'd like.

- Christian

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

Thanks a million Christian! I'll contact you.

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