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$100 Urban Warrior Ugly Bike!

selling my UglyBike® - Its a 1970's no-name 10-speed bike converted to fixed gear (with brakes), and with baskets all
around. I need the space in my apartment, and this bike is just collecting dust in my too crowded living room.
I live in the third floor of a walkup, and with the combination of the bike's very heavy weight plus a recent shoulder
injury, I just can't use the bike.

The good points:

  • Its a very ugly bike - doesn't attract unwanted attention from unwanted individuals
  • Built like a tank. Very solid steel frame
  • Removable basket in front, great for shopping at the local deli on the way home
  • Two folding baskets on the rear rack. Fold them away when not in use, or open them up and fit a couple of suppermarket
    bags on each
  • Steel rear rack - It can hold a lot more weight than a lightweight one
  • Planet Bike fenders will keep you dry when the pavement is damp
  • Fixed gear conversion. Its a fixed gear with a decently new hand-built rear wheel, flip-flop hub, and two working
    brakes! It currently only has the fixie cog, but I can add a brand new BMX freewheel if you want
  • Eventhough its a very ugly old bike, every single component is in perfect working order
  • Rear wheel, fenders, cranks, chain, pedals, and front basket all have very few miles in them. I used the bike
    for a bit after the upgrades just to comute to work (about 2 miles each way), then once I move to this walkup,
    I got myself a lighter commuting bike.

The bad points:

  • Its a damn heavy bike. If you live in a walkup, you'll burn more calories carrying this beast up and down the
    stairs than you will riding it.
  • Front wheel has quite a bit of rust. You might want to replace it soon. Its still plenty rideable, but I not
    sure how long it will go before the spokes start to rust away.
  • The seat is still pretty comfy, but it has a tear on it.
  • Did I mention that this is one damn ugly bike? It even has a mickey mouse sticker on it. No joke!
  • If you buy it, you'll have to carry it out of my building

Bike located at 71st & Columbus. Email me if interested


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Neile Weissman (not verified)


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Joao (not verified)

"I'm guessing about 50 or 51cm. I'm 5'7"" with a 31 inseam."

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Before you sell it....

...send a photo to IMO, it compares favorably to this one, an all-time favorite:

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k (not verified)
Hey, how did you post those pics?

I have been wondering about how to post pics on this message board. How does one do that?

Oh, and would you consider selling the front and rear baskets/rack separately from the bike?

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Joao (not verified)

"You first must host it somewhere else, then you add in the HTML code to show the remote picture. For example, I put my bike's picture at - then when adding the message on this board, I enter the code

<img src="">

and the image appears as

Ps: The bike's been sold. Sorry."

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Karen (not verified)

Thanks for the HTML code tips! Congrats on selling your bike :)

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