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Anyone been biking on Vancouver Island in British Columbia? (Whoops, geographic slip-up there)

I will be there for two weeks in early May, spending a few days in Victoria (the big city) with time to explore outside. Will be taking my Swift Folder so can do moderate touring.

Any towns you recommend visiting? Bike routes or links?

Is it possible to get around outside the city without a car? It looks like there's train service on the island.

Should I pass a few days in Vancouver?


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hannah (not verified)
a great biking town!


Victoria appeared to be a great biking town when I visited a year and a half ago. There is a rail trail (the start of the trans-Canada rail trail) that goes a nice day-ride distance northwest-ish out of the city. It is called something like the Galloping Goose trail. There is another trail that goes toward where the ferry comes in. Victoria itself has a good biking infrastructure if I recall correctly, as does Vancouver. I would definitely recommend a couple days in the latter.

Vancouver Island is quite large, and many of the areas I went to are quite desolate--certainly no train access. To get from Vancouver to Victoria, I did a bus-boat-bus combo. Even with a car for three+ days on Vancouver Island, we saw just a small portion of the island.

Feel free to contact me directly for more info.


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April (not verified)

"1) Forget about the train. It doesn't really go anywhere you care to visit.

2) The Galloping Goose trail it is. Very nice. One branch goes west and the other east then north. When the ""trail"" runs out, just keep going till you need to turn back. That part of the island is pretty flat. The roads are not too busy once outside the city. (Within the city, stick to the trail for faster travel but less sights) There're maps of the trail in the visitor information booth near the harbour.

3) Buses are your friend in the vicinity immediately outside the city. Grab a schedule with you, you'll have bail out options on your rides.

Vancouver is nice too. But not so much for biking. Too many cars for my taste. Not different enough from riding in NY to be worthwile. And just like in Manhattan, be careful about leaving your bike. My friend got her front wheels stolen."

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April (not verified)
Vancouver Island

About the island...

There're many nice places outside of Victoria worth visiting. You'll pretty much need a car to get to most places. Or, take the bus. (I haven't tried the long distance bus. I rented a car instead).

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viviane (not verified)
Vancouver cycling

If you are in Vancouver itself - you can do the loop around Stanley Park.
Downtown is also quite bike friendly and very pretty!
There are lots of places that rent out bikes near the park, should you not have yours with you after all. Spokes on West Georgia or in the general area, Reckless ( with locations in both Vancouver and Victoria and also rents road bikes which they will deliver to wherever you're staying.
Enjoy your trip.

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