Looking to do a more challenging double century?

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What: The Terrible Two

When: June 25, 2005

Where: Santa Rosa, California

Web Site for details: www.srcc.com

This is a hilly/mountainous double century (actually 211 miles for the 25th Anniversary). We are planning on training primarily on the New Jersey side with hill repeats and long rides on the weekends.

If you have done a double and salivate at the thought of doing something gut wrenching hard, are serious and committed, please contact Rick at [email protected] or Suzanne at [email protected] for more information.

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John Z (not verified)

"While I may be elsewhere on June 25, this looks like a great ride. Some of us are talking about a local ""epic"" ride on June 18 that would be a great final tune-up for you. This would be a 150 mile ""Grand Tour"" of the Catskills taking in all of the major climbs in the Southern Catskills and Shawangunks (12K-ish vertical). Stay tuned."

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bg (not verified)

Isn't this the STS graduation ride?

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