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i was just at the new york sports club at spring/broadway and noticed there were a couple of bikes with clips for the spin class. this seemed new - anyone notice if there were some at other locations? i'm wondering if it's worth starting to bring bike shoes when i go to class.



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Rob (not verified)

Funny you mentioned that. I saw someone take off the
pedals on the spinner at 41st & Bdwy. When I walked past I later noticed that the bottom of the pedals took clips.

I would call and ask


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Heath (not verified)

At Equinox, all of the spinning bikes accept spd or look type cleats. The toe cages attach to the look side of the pedal and can be removed.

I haven't been to NYSC in a while, but I am guessing it is similiar.

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Peter Horan (not verified)
bikes w/clips at nysc

Not at 8th and 16th

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Gail (not verified)
making it happen

The nysc on 14th Street also has several bikes with clips. I've asked the manager many times to get more. He always promises, but it never happens. Perhaps if you and I and others continue to ask at the various clubs, they will install them on more bikes.

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