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Has anyone purchased a bike here recently? I'm considering buying an Orbea brand bike at Bicycle Renaissance because they seem to be the sole dealer in Manhattan that carries them. However, I don't know much about that particular shop and am wondering about club members' experiences with the service department there--good, bad or indifferent.

R&A cycles in Brooklyn is also listed as a dealer on the Orbea web site, but probably farther than I'd like to go for maintenance, especially with a new bike that may need frequent small adjustments.

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Fred Steinberg (not verified)
Bike Renaissance

Renaissance has been my LBS since 1989. I purchased a custom Seven from them (1999) and they have done all work on it since, including a full gruppo upgrade last year. I have been quite happy with the results. They have built several wheelsets before and since that have stayed true. Their mechanics are very good and their prices are reasonable.

I am quite capable of mail ordering the components, parts etc and doing my own work and do so when so inclined or necessary. I have found with expensive and complicated components like Ergo/STI shifters, megabucks wheet sets, etc, in the end its easier and perhaps more cost effective to let a competent bike shop do the work, handle the warrantees, etc..

Lots of folks commute cross-town or cross river to a bike shop, but if there's a local shop that can do the job as well or better than myself, I'd prefer to give them the business.

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Sue (not verified)

I, too, give them a thumbs up. Granted, they are located 2 doors down from me, but I have purchased 3 bikes from them—a Trek hybrid in 1998, a Specialized road bike in 2000 and a custom Seven this year. They have always done good by me. I had a lot of fun working with Gus and Shane building up my new bike. Steve did a wonderful job putting it together. The Orbeas they have look beautiful. I test rode one of them while shopping around and it was a tough decision. I went with Seven because I decided to go titanium rather than carbon fiber. Good luck!

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mp (not verified)

"I have only been in the shop twice, and both my experiences were poor. The first time I blew two tubes in Central Park and went to the shop for a new one. I asked for a 700x23 Presta long-stem tube. One of the guys working there, tall with short dark hair, asked me what kind of wheels I had. When I showed him, he smirked. ""American Classics? Pshaw."" Anyway, he ended up selling me a short-stem tube, which I didn't realize until I had mounted the tire.

Two weeks ago I went in to check out their sale on winter gear. The tall guy with dark hair was sitting on the stairs chatting on his cellphone. While I was browsing, a rider came in looking for a pump.

Rider: ""I'd like a frame pump.""
Tall guy w/ dark hair: ""What size?""
Rider: ""I'd like a small pump that attaches to the frame.""
Tall guy: ""They come in all different sizes, so you have to know your frame size. Oh, you probably don't even know that, do you?""

The rider walked out, leaving the tall guy complaining to his co-workers about how people won't listen to him.

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jk (not verified)
Sid's Bikes

I'd go with Sid's on 34th Street if you are going to buy an Orbea. I have always hated the attitude that Bike Renaissance excudes.......

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mp (not verified)

I can second Sid's. Alan is a nice guy.

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emily (not verified)

i think it really depends on who you deal with there (bicycle renaissance). i've had a few very pleasant transactions and some frustrating ones (never bike purchases, just minor things). it also can get really busy and they don't seem particularly good at dealing with a crowd.


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Rosenthal (not verified)
Another Orbea dealer

Bicycle Workshop in Tenafly is an Orbea dealer. They pick-up bikes in Manhattan for repair. Oh, they also deliver them.

As for Orbea vs. any other carbon bike, aren't all bikes of the same material pretty much the same?

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Tony Rentschler (not verified)
More equal

>> As for Orbea vs. any other carbon bike, aren't all bikes of the same material pretty much the same?

Not only are all bikes of the same material pretty much the same, all bikes of any material are pretty much the same!

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Bob Heisler (not verified)

"I have not had good experience with Bike Renaissance. They generally ""can't be bothered"" in terms of customer service. And they assembled my Seven, VERY POORLY, including leaving the top tube with some give which could have wrecked my whole investment. I also had a persistent problem with my Mavic Krysium back wheel (small burr causing constant flats) and they kept bandaiding the problem rather than calling the manufacturer and fighting for a new wheel.

Maybe you can find another Orbea dealer?


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Stephen (not verified)
Thanks to all who chimed in

Everyone's comments are much appreciated and were very useful to me in evaluating dealers.

I especially appreciated the referral to Sid's. They're not listed as an Orbea dealer on the Orbea Web site, but in fact do carry them and were able to give me much more product information about the bike than Bike Renaissance.

Happy riding!

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