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From October 1st thru October 8th there's this really great ride ( from the Grand Canyon, to Gray Mountain, to Flagstaff, to Payson, to San Carlos, to Tucson, to Patagonia and finally...Nogales.

I was the only New Yorker** on the October, 2004 ride and promised the Tucsonians there would be at least two New Yorkers to speak New Yorkese to them on the 2005 ride. Failing this I told them to resort to Seinfeld reruns.

Seriously...this ride is great. Inspiring scenery, 7 days of riding, 25,000+ feet of altitude gain, sweeping descents, 75 miles per day average.

The cost is $525. And if you so choose to camp and freeze...this price includes lovely lawns outside of very warm and cozy motels. The motels are extra...and well worth it (they are actually nice). The SAG is great. The people really nice. The transportation arrangements from the airports in Phoenix or Tucson are really well planned. The bikes can be shipped to a local shop. And even the food is good. I'm still alive.

E-mail me if you are interested...and we can share a discount. Or...if you are so generously inclined...I can take the entire discount.

It is a wonderful ride. The roads are at least 85+% well shouldered, and really well paved. There are moose, deer, mice, birds, spiders, coyotes, and lots of fresh air. I didn't see a single rattlesnake because there aren't any. Arizona is great. The daytime weather is superb. The ride is extremely well organized and modestly priced. Tell the boss to screw it and go to Arizona this October. Enjoy a great ride.

**ok..there were 2 police officers from Queens on the ride...but they were out of breath much of the time.

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Coyote Carrie (not verified)
Grand Canyon


Sounds great, I suppose the rides start at the South Rim.

Starting from the North rim, biking down and then back up would already be quite a lifetime acheivement!


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mountainguy (not verified)
Fording the Colorado river...

...would be a hellavu feat; setting aside 6000+ feet of decent, and then ascent of about the same.

If you don't take CC's straight line method, it's a LONG way around from the North Rim to the South Rim.

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mountainguy (not verified)
Mapquest: North Rim => South Rim distance est. 210.67 miles

That's taking the routes around the Grand Canyon, not across it.

Incidentally, it's the perfect John Z. cuesheet ride. A long distance, few turns, and if not done in winter, certain to be a warm day.

From North Rim, Arizona:
1: Start out going NORTHEAST toward AZ-67. 0.2 miles
2: Turn LEFT onto AZ-67 N. 42.6 miles
3: Turn RIGHT onto US-89 ALT. 55.3 miles
4: Turn RIGHT onto US-89. 58.4 miles
5: Turn RIGHT onto AZ-64/NAVAHOPI RD. Continue to follow AZ-64 S. 54.0 miles

There are 1.27 miles between your ending location and the end of your driving directions. Use maps to get from your ending location to the end of your route.
6: End at Grand Canyon, AZ US

I will try to get some elevation gain data if possible.

Don't get dropped on a ride between the Rims. Not too many 7-11's around....

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Coyote Carrie (not verified)
Grand Canyon

I would expect the altitude change to be about 6000' straight down, then 6000' straight up, not counting the span over the Colorado river.

They DO serve cold beer at the Phantom Ranch- only $3-4 a drink, they actually truck the kegs down on mules, so an adventurer recently told me. The price seems like a bargain.

You can even train it home from the South Rim if you don't want to continue to Nogales after huffing and puffing your way around. Take the Grand Canyon Railroad to Williams (a tourist train but maybe they have spare space for the bike), connect with Amtrak and 3 days later you are in Penn Station.

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