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A friend of mine had a bike sitting in his apartment for a long time and I convinced him to sell it to me to use as my commuter bike. It turned out to be in really great shape. I am curious if it is actually worth more than being my beater bike.

1981 or 82 Raleigh Competition GS 10 speed (2 front, 5 rear)
N1C6129 stamped under bottom bracket
Dia-Compe side pull brakes
Campy down tube shifters
Campy G.S. Cranks
Campy Nuovo Gran Sport Rear Derailer
Ukai Front Rim
Araya Rear rim
Campy Skewers
Raleigh Bar and Stem
Suntour Superbe (stamped on rear dropout)
Kashima Seat

I am guessing that it's not worth anything, except what it is worth to me as a commuter. But before I beat it up, I thought I should ask.

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Heath (not verified)
Here it is.

This is it. Found this using Google. This one is in slightly better shape. So I guess it will make a good commuter based on this bikes selling price.

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

"Sounds great. Dollars & cents on the market? Don't know, but if it's in good shape, I'd show it off on a club ride as ""vintage."""

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Heath (not verified)
NYCC rides

The plan is to ride in the park before and/or after work as my training for the A-SIG. I am curious if I can keep up with the high tech 20 speed bikes on a 10 speed.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

> I am curious if I can keep up with the high tech 20
> speed bikes on a 10 speed.

Easily, provided the motor is at least equivalent.

- Christian

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