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Barring radical weather, we will do John's Garrison Express ride that I postponed for the A18s last week.

Meet 8:30 GCT, one-way ticket to Garrison; train is at 8:51. It's a 65 mile route with 3,300 feet of vertical. There are no bail-outs, so please bring a functioning bike, good tires, tubes, pump, water bottles, and pocket food.

If you want to do any of the STS rides with me in April, now's the time to get started!

THE FIRST FIVE PEOPLE to RSVP for this ride will get a homemade whole wheat-banana-raisin-walnut-coconut-chocolate chip Power Muffin. (I left the rum out this time.) Will get you to the Bear Mountain Bridge at least.

Please check this board by 7:15 am Saturday for final call.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Weather's looking good!
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Carol Wood (not verified)

THANKS to Tom, Dave, and Kristin for their fun companionship today and generous turns at the front. Everyone pulling together got us a 15.3 mph average speed. (And thanks to John and the STS for the great route. We especially liked that climb up Clinton at the end.)

Seeing how easily you all did today, you should have no trouble with Ron's Mid-Session Climbfest two weeks hence (April 2). It's only 1,100 vertical feet more than today. Will we keep the same pace? Depends.

I won't be leading a ride next week (3/26), so I hope to see you--and possibly a couple others--on the 2nd!

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