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This morning at 8:20 as I was going South I was informed by a security guard that the bike path would immeadiately until 4:00 pm for construction on the roadway by the the Sewar Plant. That means the Area between 127-128th until after the park.

If you are going North, exit at 125th street, check the area first, it may be open. BUTTTT, if you are going South, the gates will be locked, so you either go back to 181st street croos over or walk the bike up the steps of the Plant.

In any case, this is WRONG. The work did NOT effect the path and a simple flag person could SLOW anyone down.

This may happen again for a few days or tommorow. Can they do this?
Who has Jurisdiction on this?
Isn't this City property?


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Heath (not verified)
Same thing last year

I ran into this last year. I would carry my bike up the stairs into Riverbank park. Bikes are not allowed in the park, but at 7am in the morning no one seemed to care.

Another option is to go back up the path about 100 feet to the parking lot. Go throuhg the lot and you will see the stairs that everyone from that area uses to access the riverside. It isn't great, but it beats going all the way back north.

Another time I got into a fight with a security guard because they were letting the bikes ride through from the North (they were climbing through a hole in the fence.), but they would not let me ride from the South.

I was told this is a private section of property and they could enfore any rules that they wanted. Apparenly they made a deal with the city to all through access. I am curious when the construction is complete if a bike path will exist.

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Rob (not verified)

I actually spoke to someone who is the Deputy commisioner of biking in NYC, Jennifer Hoppa.

She gave me the sad news that the closing between 127th and 144th (APROX) known at the Sewage Plant may be long term.
She will let me know in the am.

It seems this is EPA jurisdiction and the question of liabity during new construction may be the issue.
Actually they are working on a permanent pathway there for the Gateway.

She has told me that the EPA can close this segment.
I beleive that MAY be ONLY during construction hours
which can be 7:30 -4pm M_F.

I will update and advise.

If you go there tonite, let me know.

They may put signs up to advise.


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