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Anyone know of an online (or offline, for that matter) listing of century rides in the area?

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Heath (not verified)
Organized or on your own?

Are you looking for supported rides or just routes you can do on your own?

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Michael Casey (not verified)
Organized, supported rides

You could try Active.com. Most events seem to offer registration that way nowadays. You could also try that free Metrosports paper, though that might have more races than just rides. And here are a few: the NYCC's Escape New York in September; 5BBC's Montauk Century in May, Sound Cyclists' Bloomin' Metric in May, TransAlt's NYC Century in September, the Westchester Golden Apple in October and any number of MS 150s.

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April (not verified)
If you know where to look...

It's convineintly available in THIS very website!

Resources -> Local Events

There's a very exhausting list of events.

Happy riding.


About the only ride I found missing from this list is the Gold Coast in Long Island, sometime in July. It starts convineintly near a LIRR train station.

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Rob (not verified)

Hi April

Great suggestion.

BUTTTTT, the list is about a year old with 2004 events.
I did forward a suggetsion of updating them.


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April (not verified)

I didn't even realize they were for last year!

So, I took another look...

To the power that be:

I think it might actually be better to include ONLY:

1) a link to the organizer's web site,
2) a vague statement about when the event usually takes place (e.g. mid-May for Blooming Metric),
3) where about (LI or central NJ etc.),
4) anything special about ride (e.g. charity? scenic but hilly? flat but windy? etc).

People who really want to ride a particular event will need to click the link to find out exactly when/where the starting place is anyway. But the list serves as a guide as to where to look for specific info and to go from there. And that should save the web master from having to update the page every year (except when any web site changes its address ).

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
Selected Tri-State 2005 Long Distance Bike Events

Keep for future reference; please verify info (although I've done that, it's subject to change); I've done & finished most of these rides, at least once:

Montauk Railroad Century (Suffolk Bicycle Riders Association) Sat. 7 May 2005. Starts Babylon LIRR station. Ride 100 miles to Montauk, return to Babylon by train. Mostly flat. Sparse support. SBRA membership required. http://www.sbraweb.org/events.htm.

Farmlands Flat Tour (Central Jersey Bicycle Club) Sat. 7 May 2005 http://www.cjbc.org. Metric and regular century routes plus 18, 25, 38, 50 mile options. Reputed to be flat. Via: Lincroft, Monmouth County, NJ. Likely CJBC membership required.

Montauk Century (5BBC) Sun. 15 May 2005 http://www.5bbc.org. Routes of 140 (Manhattan Penn Station); 100 (Babylon LIRR); 65 (Mastic-Shirley LIRR) to Montauk via Ruschmeyers . Great food/rest stops & mobile SAG support http://www.5bbc.org/montauk.

Bloomin’ Metric (Sound Cyclists Club) Sun. 22 May 2005. 25 miles, 75 kilometers & 100 kilometers. Take Metro North train to East Norwalk, CT. Beautiful scenic stretches. Was disappointed with food/drink at finish, but got some at a nearby marina deli. http://www.soundcyclists.com

Tour de Staten Island (Staten Island Bicycle Association). Sun. 22 May 2005. NO INFO AS OF THIS WRITING. http://www.sibike.org.

Bike-Boat-Bike (Suffolk Bicycle Riders Association) Sun. 5 June 2005. Routes offered: 125, 100, 65, 50 & 25 miles, along Long Island Folks. Nice ferry ride to Shelter Island. “Flat to gently rolling terrain.” http://www.sbraweb.org/events.htm.

Longest Day (Central Jersey Bicycle Club) Sat. 11 June 2005 http://www.cjbc.org. One-day double century from Port Jervis to Cape May. Optional routes include 200k (125 miles) and 100 miles. CJBC membership & individual car SAG support required. Get special polo shirt at end.

Jersey Double XXIII (Western Jersey Wheelmen) Sat. 18 June 2005. One–day double (200 mile) Century, with 7,500 feet of climbs around Morris, Warren and Hunterdon Counties. Starts & ends at Whitehouse Station, NJ. You get a cuesheet & map. Limited SAG service. http://www.wjw.org/jerseydouble.html

New York City 200 kilometer brevet (New Jersey Randonneurs). Sun. 10 July 2005. Complete 125-mile ride in 13 hours or less, which includes rest stops, breakdowns and of course riding. Hilly Bergen and Rockland County terrain included. http://www.njrandonneurs.com

Harlem Valley (Bike NY) Sun. 31 July 2005. Routes offered: 75, 62, 50, 30 miles. Was told I could take Metro North to Wassiac, then ride 10 miles to the start via paved bike trail. But Metro North has not weekend Grand Central trains earlier than 7am. But you can sign up to take yourself & bike via bus & truck.
http:// www.bikenewyork.org.

Princeton Century (Princeton Freewheelers). Sat. 6 Aug. 2005. Besides 100-miles, 75, 62 (hilly), 50, 35 & 16 mile routes offered. http://www.princetonfreewheelers.com.

North Fork Century (Glen Goldstein) Sun. 28 Aug. 2005. Starts from Pt. Jefferson to Greenport and back, along Long Island’s North Shore. Metric century (62 mile) route option. You can met at Manhattan’s Penn Station, take LIRR,put bike on truck to start. http://www.northforkcentury.com

New York City Century (Transportation Alternatives). Sun. 11 Sept. 2005. Routes offered: 100, 75, 55, 35 and 15 miles. Century goes through every NYC borough except Staten Island. Go thorough scenic stretches and some greenways. Make sure your wheelset can take the pounding of city streets, which aren

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