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Christian (not verified)

I'll send you one. George also has one, or you can use Rideminder.com which is what I've been using, too.

- C

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Ivy (not verified)

Oops, sorry! You asked me for this and I forgot to get back to you. I'm using rideminder.com to track my mileage this year. I like being able to access it on the web, but I miss the ability to impress my friends by tacking the paper copy up onto my fridge. :)

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
ride/mileage chart

"does anyone have one i can use on line.
our ""paper one"" does not work for me.
thanks hal"

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Sally Cressey (not verified)

Hal - try rideminder.com.

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non pc user (not verified)
nice software, even if for pc

There exists quite nice software for Windows called Bike Log, which sells for about $15 (but you can try it out for free) from siestasoftware.com.

Check it out (has customizable log page + various charts and calorie counter, if that's your thing).

Even some mac users will put up with Virtual PC to use stuff like this.

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