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Norman Siegel is running for New York City Public Advocate this fall. Well known for his work at the NYCLU, in private practice Norman has also represented and advocated for myriad groups, including New York City cyclists riding en masse, particularly during Critical Mass.

Norman's vision for safer and more sensible transportation and environmental impact in the city involves promoting cycling as the best alternative to vehicular traffic. The city is perfect for cyclists, but must expand dedicated bike lanes throughout every borough, encourage bicycle commuting, and increase bicycle safety and awareness with education initiatives spearheaded in the Departments of Transportation and Health.

If you would like to support a Public Advocate who supports cyclists, please come to the Cyclists for Siegel Benefit Party, hosted by Steve Stollman.

When: Friday, March 18th, 8-11 pm
Where: 49 E. Houston St. (between Mott and Mulberry)
How much: $20 and up suggested contribution

8-9pm: Opening
9-9:15: Norman talks
9:15-11: dancing upstairs with DJ
9:15-10: Critical Mass movies downstairs
10-10P30: Freedom Phil downstairs

For further information, or to make a contribution if you can’t attend the party, please contact:

Matthew Roth, Campaign Coordinator
Committee for Norman Siegel
260 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Cocktail hour--cancelled

Sorry, too much going on for me to do this event before the benefit, much as I would like.

See you at Houston St. at 8pm.

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Ivy (not verified)

I really like Norman Siegel; however, I find it kind of sad that he is running for PA, since this office is generally considered weak and ineffectual. I think that he can do more good at the NYCLU, but will support him anyway.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Norman was inspiring

Preceded by a boisterous marching band and majorette, and introduced by Matthew Roth, Norman spoke for about 15 minutes.

By running for public advocate, he said, he wants to make sure that all cyclists have the rights to use the streets as we are entitled to--and that we are not afraid to do so. He wants all New Yorkers to have the ability to exercise free speech and other rights without government intrusion.

The active assertion of democtratic rights could inspire other states and cities in the nation, at a time when the other side isn't hesitating to rewrite the social contract.

It's important, he added, that cyclists be out in the streets, giving advocates like him people to advocate for.

He was just in court today arguing for a ruling that would prevent the police from seizing cyclists' bikes in the future. Thinks a good chance of winning.

I thought of how almost everyone I know from Critical Mass rides--even people who've never been on one--has already been arrested and had a bike illegally held--for nearly four months in one case.

A poster on the wall read:
Make protest legal
Vote Norman Siegel

He ended by thanking cyclists for their idealism and creativity.

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