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I guess I am about to play the cautious, perhaps mis-informed worry wart. When I was listening to the weather on the 6pm news this evening, I heard that the amount of snow we see in the city was far less than that which hit northern suburbs and areas to the west. In fact, the Hudson Valley supposedly got about 6 inches of snow! If that was the case, I would surmise that the area around Garrison will not likely be anywhere near as clear of snow and slush as the NYC streets are. This may hit the ride to Oyster Bay as well, as the report suggested that areas in LI got hit with as much as 8 inches!!
So, is there anyone out there in NYCC land who lives around Nyack, White Plains, Garrison, or Oyster Bay who can chime in and let us know what the road conditions in your area are like? I could easily pass on taking a train up to Garrison only to find that I would be on the slush express for the whole ride home!

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chris (not verified)
we need some recon

I share Ron's concerns. It stayed pretty cold today (especially in Garrison) so there was not that much melting. And what did melt today will be frozen in the morning - it could be messy.

Perhaps we should do the proposed alternate ride out of Central Park that we were going to do Saturday (the one I showed up for not realizing the cancellation)? No?

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Neile Weissman (not verified)

A non-specific-as-to-area report said Westchester roads were OK as of yesterday.

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Pamela Nelson (not verified)

Ron - call Christy Guzzetta at 917-374-6436 and find out what is looks like in Cold SPring, NY.

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Ron Roth (not verified)
Christy hath spoken and.......

I spoke with Christy just a few minutes ago. He said that the area around Cold Spring received about 3-4 inches of snow during the storm, but much of it melted thanks to the warm temperatures on Saturday. He opined that a ride leaving from the Garrison area tomorrow, as the STS ride is scheduled to, would likely find chilly, though not freezing temperatures, and wet, though not icy conditions. It's a little late for this but his other thought was that, given the conditions, it would probably be a better idea to ride up to Garrison, giving the morning and early afternoon hours the chance to erase some of the wetness and possibly other crud that might be encountered when beginning the ride from there.
Pam - thanks for the idea!
Now it is up to the rider to determine what conditions he or she is willing to put up with. Btw - Jeff Wilson said that while his ride up to Nyack this morning was pretty lousy - slushy GWB, wet and slushy roads, and especially dangerous around Tallman - an hour later on the ride back, it was beautiful with only some wet roads to deal with.

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Jay (not verified)

a little wet snow on the sides--there may be some loose salt on hills--take it easy. Some areas may have frozen in the early AM but by 10 or so it will just be water


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chris (not verified)
"Thanks for the ""upstate"" reports"

Roads were very clear around Garrison and Cold Spring etc. on Sunday. Off-road was covered with plenty of snow. I have never done so much winter riding and it has been great. But enough already!

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