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For some of us that aren't to quick at the crack of dawn - when you are rescheduling a ride can you please say what day or date specifically it's been rescheduled to?

It's confusing to see a post that says the ride's be rescheduled to tomorrow that has a time stamp from what some of us would consider the night before.

I'm hoping what the leaders meant that the Sig's are all rescheduled to Sunday.

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Ivy (not verified)
...shouldn't cast stones

"For all those grammarians who aren't TOO quick in the morning...

""Rescheduled"" means that the ride will not occur at the originally scheduled time. Thus, if a ride were scheduled to take place on Saturday and were to be rescheduled until tomorrow, the ""tomorrow"" in question would be Sunday. The message board time stamp is 3 hours earlier than the time of the actual post, presumably because the site is hosted by a company on the left coast."

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good point (not verified)
She makes a good point

"Not all the postings say ""rescheduled"". Some say the ride will be tomorrow.
Early in the morning, that isn't quite clear."

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bobo (not verified)
welcome to the new club....NOT...

wow, i joined this club to meet some decent people and go on some great rides, but is clear that some people in this club are just downright rude. not very good for the pr side of things

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Internet etiquette

It's impossible to know anything about someone who posts to the internet - location, age, education, or even if English is that person's primary language. Therefore it's considered poor form (if not downright rude) to correct another's spelling and grammar.

How do I know this? Let's just say that someone once ripped me a new one for a similar infraction, and now I pass the lesson on to you, gratis.

Christian made the same mistake recently - picking on someone whose English is waayyyy better than his Mandarin.

Coming down off my soapbox now, donning Nomex suit.

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Christian (not verified)

"> Christian made the same mistake recently - picking on
> someone whose English is waayyyy better than his Mandarin.

But, comparing apples to apples, whose Swedish is probably substantially worse than mine.

Eh, Evan.

I'd liken it more to ""Since people can't make fun of your socks, on the internet, you'll be judged by your language."" Not such a bad maxim after all.

- Christian"

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Ohhhh, I see...'re fluent in more than one language, so you appointed yourself message board schoolmarm re: correcting others, and Ivy is the teacher's pet! (And you stick up for her right or wrong. How sweet.)

Got it.

No doubt you'll have the last word on the subject, too.


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April (not verified)
self-important snob

"I don't usually respond when people pick on my grammer. I'm perfectly capable of writing ""correct"" English if need be. But sometimes in a quick note, one makes mistake(s). So what? Was the point of the post lost due to the mistake? If not, what did the ""correction"" accomplish besides wasting bandwidth?

""Since people can't make fun of your socks, on the internet, you'll be judged by your language""

So, what judgement do you arrive when reading someone's posting with grammer mistakes? I've met many native and non-native who can't spell or can't write with the ""right"" grammer, but was nonetheless a whole lot smarter in other matters. I'd sooner listen (or read, in this case) to these people's opinion a great deal more than to some self-important guy on the internet who waste his and other people's time to correct some minor spelling/grammer mistakes.

BTW, a ""language"" is a lot more than just a collection of correctly spelled words linked togather by correct grammer. The writer's knowledge, intelligence, as well as humanity, tolerance, and much more can be expressed in it than just one's capability to follow rules. On that definition of ""language"", we shall be judged. That is MY read of the maxim."

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Nigel (not verified)
Grammar indeed.

"""Grammargirl,"" eh?

""...the ride's BE rescheduled""? ""Sig's"" (with an apostrophe)?

Really now. Pretty sad for one who fancies herself a grammarian. Tsk, tsk. (This coming from someone who makes their living as such.)"

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Banana Guy (not verified)
this thread has become petty.(nm)
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JP (not verified)
Isn't that a requirement of the Club's by-laws. :-)) (nm)
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jk (not verified)


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JP (not verified)
Anonymous ...

... fool. Reveal yourself and face the consequences, coward. Better yet, stay in your hole.

March AD 2005

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Tom Laskey (not verified)

Maybe we should all stop the pettiness and resolve to be
AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE when using the message board to reschedule a ride. I don't think it's too much of a burden to inlcuded specific date, time and meeting place of the rescheduled ride. If that's too much to ask, maybe you shouldn't be leading rides in the first place.

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Etoain S.H. Rudlu (not verified)
Grammar, Grammer and Gram'ma

"There is something to be said for correct grammar and spelling. However, regardless of whether you agree with me on this point, there is something critical about giving information on this bulletin board that riders can follow without a road map of the ride leader's brain.

As the old saying goes, ""6 munths ago I culdnt' even spel ritur, and today I are one!""

Your Pal,

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The OP (not verified)
enough please

"All I asked was the time of the ""rescheduled"" ride be posted.

I would like to thank Ivy and Nigel for your thoughtful posts. I didn't ask for personal attacks for my poor choice of email addresses but I appreciate you pointing out my lack of judgement and flawed creativity at picking a made-up email address at 7 am on a Saturday morning. I hope the board appoints you to membership as you guys know how to make a brand new member feel welcome to the club and the message boards.

Would love to sit and chat but I'm off to my Ingleesh lesson......

Happy riding....."

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