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"Armstrong backs Paris for Games

Armstrong makes history:
Six-times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has given his full support to Paris' bid to host the 2012 Olympics.
""To be honest, I think Paris deserves the Games,"" Armstrong told Le Parisien newspaper during the Paris-Nice event.

""I think it was already the best candidate in 2008. The Games finally went to Beijing, probably for other reasons.""

The International Olympic Committee evaluation commission are currently assessing the French capital's bid.

London, Madrid, Moscow and New York are the four other candidate cities.

""Paris would be a marvellous city but on the other hand New York would also deserve to have the Games,"" added Armstrong.

""Even if they (New York) don't win in 2012 they could always try again in 2016.""

Armstrong withdrew from the Paris race today due to a sore throat - should have kept quiet.


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rjb (not verified)

Although I'm not a big Armstrong fan, I agree with him. I'd rather see NY spend it's money on other things, like getting it's own house in order (ie. subway, education, streets, etc). As for the Paris-Nice, dropping out was a smart decision. Conditions there are very cold/snowy this year, and risking sickness would hamper his training for his true goal of the season, the Tour.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Amen. Paris 2012. Vive la (Stade de) France! Possibly the first thing Lance and I agree on? Oh no, Deda 215s, too.

- Christian

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Didja see The Post this morning?
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