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it wasn't clear to me from the e-weekly what conditions would postpone the Saturday A-Classic ride to Sunday. The weather forecast right now (Thurs., 1:30p) shows a chance of snow late Friday night and early Saturday morning. Accuweather has us (Metro NY) just barely outside the accumulation zone, which is no reliable indication, and this is a storm that will impact much of the Northeast. Sunday shows no precipation at all.

When do we make the call? I'm just really psyched for the ride and would like to plan around it as soon as possible. I will ride either day, and we all know that either day it will be cold in the morning. But if Sunday would have potentially safer road conditions (a dry, thawing afternoon and evening before), I would prefer Sunday.

Thanks leaders,

John M.

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Heath (not verified)
I understand

I am trying to schedule a date for the weekend. Not the easiest thing to do when you do not know when you are riding. Unfortunately I do not think we will have an answer until Saturday morning for Saturday and Sunday morning for Sunday. This cycling thing is definately a commitment.

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bike man (not verified)

You have a date with your bike.
If he/she doesn't understand, ditch them.

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