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Enjoy your NYCC membership benefits, including the Eweekly, paper bulletin, and access to the online bulletin and ride listings, without interruption by renewing by this Friday March 11th.

After this Friday we drop all non-renewing members from the roster and Eweekly list.
Next week’s Eweekly will have the new 2005 username and password for the online bulletin and ride listing access.

The discount for registering on also expires this Friday so don’t delay.
You can always register after the deadline but why wait?
You won’t want to miss any of this!

This applies for new members as well. All SIG participants are required to become NYCC members so join this week and receive the discount.

Renewing members need your membership number to register on You can find this via the link to the “look up table” on the home page of the NYCC website under “Renew…”

If you have any questions regarding membership please email me at: [email protected].
Please do not post.


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Barbara (not verified)
nm (nm)
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Eto You-Know-Who'd-Lu (not verified)
Renewal by mail -- a nice trick if you can get it right

"I tried to renew by using the form in the back of the paper bulletin.

That creates two problems. To wit:

1. The renewal form tells you to enclose payment, but doesn't tell you how much payment.

2. The mailing address given for remitting renewals is a post office box at ""Columbia Circle."" When you find that geographical location, please do map it and distribute it to the membership. It might be the basis of a short (or long?) C-ride. Or maybe a 90 day bike trip to South America.

I suspect a good many renewals are ending up at the dead letter office.

""If you give a cyclist bad directions, do not be surprised if he gets lost.""
--Kopasch the Pedaling Postman of Herzogovina
Your Pal,

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
The error has been corrected

I don't know why I'm writing to a non existent member. The errors you mentionted were corrected in the March bulletin, so you have no excuse. And before you claim you are real, we have no one in the membership database by the name of Etoain Shrdlu. As I collect the mail, I can assure you that it has been full of membership renewals each time I've been in the last month.

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Ivy (not verified)
Those who live in glass houses...

The country in South America is Colombia, not Columbia.

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Barbara (not verified)

Yes - sorry about that.
Anthony Poole and I can't take credit for that as we are both new to our postions but in any case to err is human I am told...

The problems with the renewal form was corrected in the March bulletin and I believe that the PDF version was always correct.

Most people had the good sense to address their envelope correctly.

In the future when you see a mistake an email alerting us to it is greatly appreciated.


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