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Thanks to Anthony, Beth, Webmasters, ride coordinators, and whoever else for the nicely designed bulletin that appeared on the Web site today! The weather may suck next weekend but we'll at least have our bulletin.

Terrific photographs too. Great cover, and I really like Barbara's picture of the Gates.

I have only glanced at the ride listings, but it looked like there were no widows or orphans! (short lines in the paragraph, for the rest of you) And I know how much time you spent putting the listings together.

Anthony, you clearly put a lot of time and thought into this labor of love. Thank you.

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Barbara (not verified)
great job!

Yes great job Anthony!
Your hard work really shows - the bulletin looks terrific.
Thank you Carol for the compliment.
All the photos show very well - nice layout on the Gates piece!

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Thanks for your kind words

Many thanks for your kind words about the bulletin. I really enjoyed doing this month's edition.

The PDF version on the web is heavily compressed, in order to avoid having too big a file for the benefit of dial-up users. Unforunately, it meant that a lot of the intensity of the colour was lost. If anyone can cope with a larger version at higher resolution of just the colour pages, please e-mail me at the bulletin editor's address and I will send one.

Thanks also to those who sent pictures of 'The Gates' in. I'm happy to receive your pictures of cycling and club-related activities at any time.


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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Well done, it shows. (nm)
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