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We'll postpone spelunking a week or two; ability and desire to ride in the snow a must for this week.

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hogwich guy (not verified)
epic ride

"omigod...what a ride tonight!

john, didn't get a chance to say thanks. i had fun tonight. definately an ""urban adventure"". who would have thought one could ride for 2 hours within the borough of queens! and i was never so happy to see queens blvd. in my life.

what will next week bring?

todd b."

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John Z (not verified)


Thanks. As I said, one never knows where these rides will end up. I had originally wanted to do some snow riding, but as always we change plans given conditions and general concensus. This was one of the best UAR rides to date, thanks for making it so! Next week? The Palisades, with a surprise...

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chris (not verified)
oh yeah

It was epic indeed. I went places I have never been, and I don't mean Queens - I had to dig deep for reserves I was not sure I had.

So thank you John and Craig for an intense workout. And Todd - thanks for getting me over the 59th St. bridge through the brutal wind. If I wasn't able to just mindlessly stare at your wheel and use all my strength to follow it, my ass was toast. That damned bridge seemed endless.

Chris O

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John Z (not verified)
The Wind

The wind on the bridge was brutal -- I had to shift to a smaller gear twice, something I never do on a constant grade climb.

I do wish we had a camera to photograph the Unisphere last night. Illuminated in white lights with snow on the ground, it was a far more impressive, breathtaking sight than say, the Gates...

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