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"From CyclingNews.com, who credits Carlton Reid in www.bikebiz.co.uk

""The possible fallout from a positive drug test includes a court battle, fines, suspension, loss of career and - for Tyler Hamilton - being 'edited out' of a movie you were supposed to star in. Hamilton's central role in Brain Power, an IMAX film which should have premiered late last year, has been much reduced.""

Full story at: http://www.cyclingnews.com/news.php?id=news/2005/mar05/mar01news

I wondered what had happened with this film. It appears that massive re-editing had to happen if the film was to be released"

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Dollar signs lighting up in lawyers' eyes

I can imagine the lawyers of the film's distributor are just waiting for the appropriate moment to launch a lawsuit against Hamilton for loss of income and increased production costs as a result of TH's positive blood doping results. And, of course he may have broken whatever contract he may have had with the film's makers, which would be further grounds for litigation.

Maybe the lawsuits will start once TH has had his hearing with the US professional cycling body, sometime this week, or perhaps it will have to wait until the film is released and is a commercial no hoper at the box office.

Will TH get a two year ban this week? The Spanish media is reporting that the Spanish professional cycling body yesterday dished out a two year ban on Hamilton's former Spanish Phonak team mate Santiago Perez for blood doping.

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Banana Guy (not verified)
So Tyler cets cut out of his film..

and Martha gets a TV show.

It just don't seem fair.

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