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Just got ticketed 50 metres from my front door in residential quiet little Carrol GArdens.

Yes I turned left from the left side of a one way street onto a one way street against a red light. I was doing 10mph? Not a car or pedestrian in sight.

The officer demanded ID, Drivers license etc, I was only carrying a credit card. Anyway I was quiet and just let hom do his thing. End result a $200 fine.


Have been checking out TA's site for advice etc.
Take it to court and point out inequalities in the law, safety issues etc. Either the officer doesn't show or the judge lessens the fine or you just pay.

Any other advice or experiences out there?

Hands up to skipping a light but $200!!!



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Jonathan (not verified)
where exactly?

I ride and run red lights almost every day in Carroll Gardens and never had a problem. I did get caught three years ago on 6th Ave in Manhattan and it only cost me $100. Did the price go up recently? I went to court but had to pay up. I got off on the no bell ticket (I had a receit).

My advice don't waste your time in court if you were caught red-handed, but I would check on the price.

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JPesq. (not verified)
Was gonna send an email but ... Oh well, part 3


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a biker (not verified)
don't get a second ticket unless you have $500 to spare!

A second ticket for running a red is a $500 fine. WTF?

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steve (not verified)

According to the rear of the ticket the first red light offence is $150 plus a $50 surcharge!

Sorry guys but I am not leaving my email up here in order to receive mail from spammers etc. Please express replies for all to see.


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JPesq. (not verified)
One of several choices ... nm (nm)
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